1. epoxy flake floor coating installed in garage


    It is very beneficial to apply an epoxy flooring system to garages. Typically, epoxy flooring systems used in garages are flake floors. Flake floors consist of a prepped concrete, primer (optional), pigmented basecoat, flake chips, and a clear top coat (epoxy). These epoxy coated flooring systems ar…Read More

  2. Types of Floors We Can Install

    Elite Crete Systems is a floor coating company based in Southeast Texas that can provide you a wide array of different concrete flooring solutions. We offer 4 main types: Epoxy Floor Solutions Flake Floors Reflector™ Floors Floor Overlays Whether you are looking for industrial epoxy flooring solut…Read More

  3. Industrial Epoxy Floors

    Day 1 Blog Although there are plenty of different types of epoxy floors. The focus of this week’s blog will revolve around industrial epoxy floors. In Elite Crete Systems terms, this is referred to as the HERMETIC™ Neat Flooring System. This system is a high build, self-leveling, clear or pigmen…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Epoxy Coating

    If you want to upgrade the look and functioning of your garage, warehouse, or healthcare facility floor, getting it coated in epoxy is well worth the cost. Make your floors more durable, beautiful, and unique with Elite Crete Systems of Southeast Texas. We sell and rent epoxy floor coating equipment…Read More

  5. concrete pool deck

    Benefits of Concrete Pool Deck Coating

    No residential pool area is complete without a safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing concrete pool deck to go along with it. At Elite Crete Systems, we can help you pick the perfect coating for your concrete pool deck to ensure that it has the functionality and visual appeal that you need. Our t…Read More