Make your concrete floor into a masterpiece. With Elite Crete Systems Southeast Texas, you don’t have to compromise beauty for function — you get both in one world-class package. Thanks to our equipment, products, and support, custom concrete coatings are a breeze. Check out our full line of unbeatable coatings and contact us to get started.


A glossy, tough specialty coating that’s easy to maintain over the long term. Technical Brochure


A self-leveling system that comes in clear or pigmented options for industrial surfaces. Technical Brochure


A seamless, chemical-resistant floor offering multiple color and texture variations. Technical Brochure


A beautiful system that uses customizable colors of quartz aggregate sealed under a topcoat. Technical Brochure


A double-broadcast system consisting of a pigmented topcoat over silica quartz aggregate. Technical Brochure

HERMETIC™ Paramount

An industrial coating that comes in colored quartz or solid colors. Technical Brochure

HERMETIC™ Paramount HD

A stunning, heavy-duty flooring system applied with trowels for extreme durability. Technical Brochure

HERMETIC™ Urethane

A non-slip flooring system perfect for food serving, packaging, and manufacturing applications. Technical Brochure

HERMETIC™ Aircraft

A resinous, high-performance coating formulated specifically to stand up to the chemicals, traffic, and impacts of aerospace applications. Technical Brochure


A high-performance, customizable fluid that improves the appearance of bay floors while standing up to wear and tear. Technical Brochure

Elite Crete Systems Southeast Texas offers solutions for floors in all applications, including medical cannabis facilities, garage floors, exterior spaces, and pool decks. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll get you moving forward.