Elite Crete Systems is a floor coating company based in Southeast Texas that can provide you a wide array of different concrete flooring solutions. We offer 4 main types:

  • Epoxy Floor Solutions
  • Flake Floors
  • Reflector™ Floors
  • Floor Overlays

Whether you are looking for industrial epoxy flooring solutions or residential fake floors, Elite Crete can install it for you. Learn about our residential and commercial concrete floor installations! Want more information or to schedule a free consultation? Reach out to us today!


Overview of Our 4 Main Types of Flooring Solutions

Struggling to decide which type of floor is best for your specific needs? There’s a lot of information to take in. We recommend giving us a call to work through all the details the easy way. You can reach us at (713) 823-5410. For a brief overview of the different types of solutions, however, continue reading this blog, as we will be focusing on some characteristic suitabilities for our four main types of concrete flooring solutions. 

#1: Epoxy Floor Solutions

Epoxy is a unique type of flooring that has steadily grown in popularity over the years largely due to its customizability. Epoxy can be extremely strong, stain-resistant, and more. The most popular places where epoxy floors are used are in residential garages and in commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, and industrial plants. Yet, that’s not saying you can’t or shouldn’t use epoxy in your living room or kitchen. It can look extremely polished and, depending on your aesthetic, can really set the place off. 

#2: Flake Flooring Systems

One of the most popular trends in decorative flooring is decorative flake flooring solutions. This is essentially a type of epoxy floor coating that can be installed that has a terrazzo-like appearance. To create a truly unique aesthetic for your industrial, commercial, or institutional setting, flake floors are a fantastic option. 

#3: Reflector™ Enhancer Flooring Systems

For unique colors and patterns, you can’t do better than Reflector™ floors! The design possibilities are endless, with tons of different color options for you to choose from. Reach out to Elite Crete System to learn more about some of the coolest floor types in Southeast Texas. 

#4:Concrete Overlays

Systems such as polymer modified concrete overlays can make your concrete look and feel like real hardwood, with the added benefits that come with concrete, such as increased durability and longevity. In the long run, these types of floors are far more effective than getting real wood floors, and are especially suitable for porches and patios. 

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