Epoxy vs. Polished Concrete Floors

Epoxy floor systems involve the layering of various two-component coatings to a concrete surface, which then chemically cure and form a protective coating that possesses special performance and aesthetic characteristics (depending on the type of coating chosen). On the other hand, polished concrete floors are created by using special equipment to polish or grind down your concrete floors to give them a glossy, smooth finish. Some key differences between the performance of epoxy and polished concrete floors are:

 Epoxy Floors Polished Concrete
Water-resistant Can be damaged by water
Non-slip Can be slippery
Can be scratched Scratch-resistant
Very difficult to stain Can be stained by harsh chemicals
3-5 years before new coating needed Up to 10 years before needs repolishing

Beyond that, the installation of epoxy requires extra care when compared to polished concrete. Polished concrete is a simple, long-term solution to your industrial floors, while epoxy is as well, but also offers other special features like shock resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance.